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?President Guo Dongming Negotiated with Ningbo Municipal Government and Signed the Agreement on Strategic Cooperation

Jul 13, 2018 Liu Jianing

In June 19th, President Guo Dongming went to Ningbo, Zhejiang Province together with his visit group to negotiate with Ningbo municiple government and sign the agreement on strategic cooperation. Accompanied him were Mr. Song Yongchen and Mr. Yao Shan,the vice presidents of our university, Mr. Jian Xigao, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and relevant staff from Institute of Technology Research and Development, Institute of Science and Technology, the Alumni Association, Faculty of Chemical, Environmental and Biological Science and Technology and so on.


In the morning, Zheng Shanjie, Deputy Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial CPC Committee and secretary of the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee met with President Guo Dongming and his entourage. According to Mr. Guo, Ningbo has obvious advantages in location and broad prospects for development. It has a very high degree of agreement with the academic characteristics of Dalian University of Technology in the field of industrial development. Dalian University of Technology is the first formal university established by the Communist Party of China on the eve of the founding of New China. It is a national key construction university of the ¡°211 Project¡± and ¡°985 Project¡± and was selected as a Class A building university in the world¡¯s top universities last year. This time, we chose Ningbo and made Ningbo a strategic partner for deep cooperation. This is a major decision that looks to the future. It is hoped that the two sides can complement each other, innovate in the institutional mechanisms, make overall planning and implementation in stages, and build Ningbo Research Institute and Graduate School of Dalian University of Technology with a high level and high starting point, and promote its continuous development. It is hoped that both sides will accelerate and fully implement the cooperation matters agreed by both parties. Through the comprehensive cooperation of the district of the university, it helps Ningbo develop and provides strong support for Dalian University of Technology to build a world-class university.


Mr. Zheng Shanjie welcomed President Guo Dongming and the delegation from Dalian University of Technology to visit Ningbo. He said that Ningbo is currently accelerating economic transformation and upgrading, creating a number of trillion-level and 500-billion-level advantageous industrial clusters, and cultivating a group of internationally leading large enterprises and "especially sophisticated" high-tech SMEs. Dalian University of Technology has strong scientific research strength and outstanding discipline advantages. It has a high degree of agreement with Ningbo's leading industries. This time, it has developed strategic cooperation with Ningbo and it is a cross-region complementary advantage and strong cooperation. It is hoped that the two sides will be based on the current situation and have a long-term perspective. They will follow the ¡°one-time planning and step-by-step implementation¡± approach, step up their work teams, formulate implementation plans, quickly turn consensus into action, and make each cooperation project bigger and stronger to strive for early results. As soon as possible, it is effective and strives to achieve a high level of win-win development.


At the meeting, we signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ningbo government. According to the agreement, the two parties will promote cooperation in the five fields: First, start the construction of the Dalian Research Institute of Dalian University of Technology; second, establish a branch of a major science and technology innovation platform, introduce a world-class innovation team, and build a number of high-level innovation centers; The construction of a global alumni innovation and entrepreneurship park of Dalian University of Technology in Ningbo is to build a transformation and innovation base for scientific and technological achievements. The fourth is to build the intellectual property and technology service center of Dalian University of Technology in Ningbo. The fifth is to promote the training of high-end talents.


After the meeting, accompanied by Vice Mayor Mr. Chen Zhongchao, President Guo visited and investigated Ningbo Yunsheng Co., Ltd., Ningbo Junsheng Electronics Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze Delta Research Institute Ningbo Branch and Ningbo Oaks Group and interacted with the heads of relevant companies.