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Teachers' Conference convened in the Development Zone Campus of DUT to announce the appointment and removal of cadre members

Jul 13, 2018 Shi Jinlu

On June 11, the teachers¡¯ conference was held on the the Development Zone campus of DUT to announce the appointment and dismissal of cadres in the Software School, School of International Information and Software of Dalian University of Technology¡ªRitsumeikan University, and the Institute of Microelectronics. Party Secretary Wang Hansong attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Jiang Dexue, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, read out the appointment and dismissal. Yang Bingjun, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, presided over the meeting. The Principal assistant, Secretary of the Party Committee and the Director of the Management Committee in the Development Zone, Luo Zhongxuan, made speeches at the meeting.


According to the research decision made by the party committee of DUT, Hu An¡¯ ni was appointed as Party Secretary of the Software School, Wu Guowei was the Dean of the Software School, and Wang Lei, Kong Weiqiang, Xia Feng, and Yu Hong were Vice Presidents of the Software School. Fan Xin was appointed as Secretary of School of International Information and Software of Dalian University of Technology¡ªRitsumeikan University, and Li Haojie and Lin Lin were Vice Presidents of it. This conference also appointed Chang Yuchun and Shen Ren as the Vice Dean of the Institute of Microelectronics. Luo Zhongxuan was no longer the dean of both the Software School and School of International Information and Software of Dalian University of Technology¡ªRitsumeikan University. Furthermore, Hu An¡¯ ni, Li Mingchu, and Jiang He were relieved from the positions of Vice Dean of Software School.


Secretary Wang Hansong pointed out at the meeting that the adjustments were based on the present situation and work needs of DUT, and also made by campus team, the various colleges and universities, and the school party committee. It was a high priority for the campus work of DUT. It was hoped that the majority of teachers and cadres in the school campus would unify their thinking and concentrate their efforts to fully support the work of the new team. Besides, it was hoped that the members of the new team would not bear the trust of the party committee of DUT and meet the expectations of the teachers and students. They were expected to strengthen the ¡°four senses¡± and ¡°four confidences¡±, adhere to the ¡°two firmly grasped¡± and unite under the leadership of the party committee of DUT. To lead the teachers and students of the Development Zone campus, they should unify their thoughts and actions with the requirements of the Central Party Committee, and gather their decision-making arrangements to constantly promoted new achievements, new breakthroughs, and new levels in all areas of the Development Zone campus.


Secretary Wang Hansong stated that the work in the development zone has achieved remarkable results and distinctive features. He on behalf of the whole school fully affirmed the dedication and efforts of everyone. The Development Zone campus was the first branch campus of DUT. After nearly 15 years of development, it has become a campus with beautiful environment, complete functions, advanced equipment, and perfect conditions for management. It has played an important role in promoting the construction of first-class universities for DUT. Thanks to the hard work of teachers and cadres in all campuses.


Secretary Wang Hansong requested that the Development Zone campus should further rationalize the mechanism and solve problems to make our characteristics and connotations explicit. It was necessary to further straighten out the management mechanism and management operation mode of the campus, strengthen the stability and guarantee of human resources in the process of running the campus, further strengthen the advantages and characteristics of the three campuss of DUT, and further strengthen the local industrial economy while doing a good job of personnel training and discipline development.


He also stressed that the development of the development zone was a new level for itself. The majority of teachers and cadres must be good masters and main force. They must persist and strengthen the overall leadership of the party in the work of the campus and persist in the correct direction of running. The cultivation of talents should be regarded as the fundamental task and meanwhile, they should continue to thoroughly implement the spirit of the ideological and political conference. It was necessary to further promote the comprehensive and strict administration of the party, and persist in taking advantage of it. Moreover, they must strengthen the building of teams and cadres, and continue to strengthen the ability and level of leadership work in the Development Zone campus.


At the meeting, Luo Zhongxuan expressed his strong support for the decision of the party committee. He said he would continue his hard work in continuously enhancing his service skills, and made every effort to ensure the rapid development of the three campus of DUT, and the smooth running of the management committee. He would also promote the healthy, rapid and orderly development of the campus to contribute to the double-class construction of DUT. The new leading cadres Fan Xin, Wu Guowei and Hu An¡¯ ni have spoken in a statement and stated that they would resolutely support the party committee's decision, tried their best not to fail to carry out their mission. They promised to work diligently, enhance the ¡°four consciousnesses¡±, and implement the cultivation in talents through a meaningful way to open a new situation in the creation of Software School.